Welcome to the CAPE Technologies web site.   

    We develop, market, and use immunoassay test kits and supporting technology for 
    analysis of dioxin and related compounds.  Our extensive expertise and years of 
    experience in this field are a valuable part of our products.

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-         We sell both kits and analytical services based on those kits.

-         Our DF1 Dioxin/Furan Immunoassay Kit is accepted by the US EPA  
for use in
 Method 4025.  

-         We sell sample preparation kits to support our immunoassay kits.

-         Our kits can be used for many types of samples over a wide range of levels.

-         CAPE’s system offers low cost, speed, ease of use, and other 
important advantages .

-         Our technology is a powerful complement to slow and expensive 
GC-MS methods.

-         Method 4025 can be performed on site in a small and simple mobile lab. 

-         Check out our FAQ section for a lot of useful information. 

-         Contact us if you have questions.